New ideas for a polymer clay heart pendant

Less than a month until Valentine’s Day and I decide to prepare for it with three lovely ideas for a polymer clay heart pendant. Nothing define romance better than a heart.

Before we go to the pictures I want to make it clear that you can buy any of the items presented below from Etsy over the ZingaraCreativa shop.

  • Lovely vintage pink polymer clay heart pendant with flowers

New ideas for a polymer clay heart pendant

  • Grey polymer clay heart pendant with flowers and rhinestones

  • polymer clay heart pendant with leaves

  • Clay pendant with sea star and shells

I need this! I spend some of my every summer vacation at the seaside. I like to catch sunrise on a quiet beach and listen to the waves as they break through the rocks. For me this is the perfect remainder that soon will came the summer!

  • Lovely polymer clay heart pendants with two cats

  • Brown heart pendant with bronze clock charm

This pendant symbolize the love that resist through time passing and it reborn through all the hardships. You can give this pendant to your loved one he.

Did you enjoyed this collection of polymer clay heart pendant ideas?

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