Polymer clay flowers bouquet ring

This collection of polymer clay flowers bouquet ring accessories are created for a romantic, fragile and delicate person.They are perfect with fluffy light dress or air skirt. They will strengthen the delicate appearance of the outfit. I have collected them from a handmade flower jewelry shop on Etsy, OrxideykaStudio. Feel free to order them out there.

  • Exclusive handmade flower ring with blooming pink peony, tiny blue and pink hydrangea flowers, crystal beads and turquoise leaves tinted white

  • Exclusive handmade ring with bright pink roses, lilac irises, light pink lilac flowers and green cloud berries.

  • handmade flower ring with beautiful white orchids, green leaves and white beads.

  • Exclusive handmade ring with scarlet rose, tiny light pink flowers, pear hydrangea and crystal beads.

  • Exclusive handmade ring like a wonderful flower bouquet of blue cornflowers, red poppies and maiden daisies.

  • Exclusive polymer clay flowers bouquet ring with fluffy pink peonies, lilacs and beads. Perfect to match dresses and your smile.

  • Ring with orange buttercups (Ranunculus), briar berries and flowers. Nice gift to Birthday and other occasions for your dear women

  • Exclusive handmade flower ring with gorgeous floral bouquet of warm red rose, pink and pale blue flowers, cold green leaves and navy blue beads

  • Polymer clay flowers bouquet ring, graceful and elegant handmade jewelry set with saturated lilies and crystalline beads

  • Exclusive polymer clay flowers bouquet ring with blooming flowers and buttons of pink and red peonies

  • Handmade flower ring with beautiful small pansy, tiny color button flowers and beads

  • Polymer clay flowers bouquet ring, handmade earrings with black-white roses and beads to match

  • Polymer clay flowers bouquet ring, flower ring with dark red (wine, bordeaux) roses and white lilies

I love the last polymer clay flowers bouquet ring in the collection, the one slight above. I love the combination of white lilies,bordo roses and small and delicate pink flowers.

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