Polymer clay millefiori beads

I have found a lovely collection of polymer clay millefiori beads that I want to share with you. These unique sets of seven floral beads are designed and hand crafted by Susan Polymer from clay using the millefiori technique inspired from Florida. With these elegant polymer clay millefiori beads you can create unique necklaces, earrings, bracelets, key chains and whatever your imagination encourage you.

Enjoy the collection of polymer clay millefiori beads and buy some from polymerdesign shop on Etsy.

  • flower garden – polymer clay millefiori beads set

  • frozen – set of black and white handmade beads set

  • vintage set

  • summer set

  • autumn set

  • berry set

  • wild forest set – colorful beads with floral or spiral motifs in a lovely color combination

  • nature beads

  • nautilus set

  • red fruits set

  • sky set – handmade clay beads in wight and different shades of blue

  • spring time set of clay beads

These polymer clay millefiori beads are so lovely! If you decide to create your own, here is a nice list of polymer clay canes ideas to inspire from.

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