Polymer clay spiral ring – ideas for a big fashion statement

I had always loved beautiful and unique handmade jewelry. This section of polymer clay spiral ring ideas is especially for those who want a bold and imposing look. A polymer clay spiral ring will continue to highlight your outfit all day long drawing envious glances. Make a big fashion statement with a oversize polymer clay spiral ring.

Express your creativity through wearing the handmade items. Any of the jewelry in this polymer clay spiral ring collection can be bought over the Macrani shop on Etsy. You should visit the shop, you will not be disappointed!



The last polymer clay spiral ring is my favorite! Which one is yours? Any of the items presented here are beautiful. The pattern of this jewelry is an eye catch! I would love to see more spiral jewelry creations. If you decide to inspire yourself from the nice work of Anita Papoulia, please share with us the result. It will be nice to see some earrings, a pendant and even a brooch with a spiral pattern.

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