Polymer clay cabochon bracelet

This polymer clay cabochon bracelet collection is one you can’t miss. All the positive emotions of the author are stored in a simple and elegant object that will give a joyful note of your outfit I’m running out of time with all the projects I have in mind, so this time I’ll be short: they are great! If

Polymer clay statement floral necklace

One of a kind polymer clay statement floral necklace transfers energy and creativity. Did you know the way you choose the accessories one day depends on how you woke up in the morning? Yellow means energy, red intense emotions, orange tonus, green relaxation and calm and white freshness. Choose one polymer clay statement floral necklace from the

Polymer clay miniature tea set

The polymer clay miniature tea set that I propose you as the theme of this article is a must have. Certainly a delicate little girl will be impressed if she would receive such a gift. You will find in this collection some amazing decorations for a doll’s house. All items in this collection of the polymer clay miniature tea

Polymer clay flowers picture frame

Some friend’s birthday is coming? Do not worry! I found over FlowersKartasheva shop on Etsy the most personal gift idea: polymer clay flowers picture frame. You can choose from different frame patterns and flowers designs. polymer clay flowers picture frame, wedding gift for couple picture frame wedding gift for sister gift for bride newlywed gift for mother girlfriend

Polymer clay flowers bouquet ring

This collection of polymer clay flowers bouquet ring accessories are created for a romantic, fragile and delicate person.They are perfect with fluffy light dress or air skirt. They will strengthen the delicate appearance of the outfit. I have collected them from a handmade flower jewelry shop on Etsy, OrxideykaStudio. Feel free to order them out there. Exclusive handmade flower

Polymer clay tree with flowers pendant

On the the symbolism of jewels theme there’s coming a new project idea polymer clay tree with flowers pendant! Let’s get it right: with applause! Tree of life necklace is handmade of copper wire, covered with semiprecious stones and clay flowers. The Tree of Life is a universal symbol found in many spiritual and mythological traditions