Polymer clay embroidered heart pendant ideas for Valentine’s day

Your loved one will always have your heart! And an idea on haw to give it is to choose any of this this polymer clay embroidered heart pendant gifts. Them are sweet, lovely, delicate and handmade! You can even order a customized one inscribed with your initials.

Enjoy the collection of polymer clay embroidered heart pendant ideas for Valentine’s day! I found them on PiccoleGioiefimo account on deviant art.

I know that love is expressed in red, but these lovely pastel polymer clay embroidered heart pendant ideas for Valentine’s day are so sweet!

Aren’t this polymer clay embroidered heart pendant ideas for Valentine’s day amazing? What can be better than to receive a sweet little handmade heart pendant? Maybe to create your own! For embroider technique you need a lot of patience because each small detail is added to the base using a needle. If you have created some embroider heart pendant on your own, please share them with us! We are always open for more ideas!

If you are a jewelry addicted as I am, you should use this link for more ideas.

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