Basic polymer clay color blends tutorial step 14

Basic polymer clay color blends tutorial

Today we will learn how to make a gradient polymer clay sheet in two colors. I guarantee this basic polymer clay color blends tutorial will give a sophisticated look to your future projects. You can use any colors you want and of course as many as you need. There is no need to be two, but it

polymer clay duckling

Polymer clay duckling tutorial

Today I’ve thought about making a tutorial that will cheer you up, so I’ve decided to show you how to make your own cute polymer clay duckling! They are adorable and you can use them to decorate your children’s room, they would love them! Besides, the polymer clay duckling is incredibly easy to make. Let’s

polymer clay orange and black flower cane tutorial

Polymer clay fire flower cane tutorial

This polymer clay fire flower cane tutorial it’s more complicated than the ones we used to do before, not because of the techniques used but more for attention to details. Below is a orange and black polymer clay flower cane example with this technique. To proceed with this polymer clay fire flower cane you will need: –

polymer clay tumbling patchwork tutorial

Polymer clay tumbling patchwork tutorial

I love the never-ending techniques and possibilities of this wonderful art. The latest technique is this beautiful tutorial on how to create polymer clay tumbling patchwork. Before going to the creation mode take your time to look at the picture, the design is surprising. What do you need: – pasta machine, – 3 different colours of clay

polymer clay geometric colored cane

Polymer clay geometric cane – extruder technique

In this polymer clay geometric cane tutorial I will show you how to make perfect polymer clay geometric shapes using a clay extruder. I created squares and triangles, but with the extruder you can make many shapes. Here’s what you will need: – Selection of Fimo (or other Polymer clay) Colours – Pasta Machine or rolling

polymer clay gradient beads tutorial step by step

Polymer clay gradient beads tutorial

Here’s another fun project that I want to share with you: polymer clay gradient beads tutorial to use in colorful jewelry! Over time the polymer clay beads squeezed the most time at my studio, but i’m not complaining. I succeeded to improve my techniques and for sure the amount of necklaces that I hold. What you will need: 3 colors Polymer

jewelry set coverd in cane – polymer clay house cane

Polymer clay house cane tutorial

This Polymer clay house cane is perfect as this summer project! The tutorial from Anna Oriona is something that I want to try. It is a colorful, fun and a little abstract as she describes it. I want jewelry covered with this polymer clay house cane to accessorize my outfit! For this type of project you will first

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