Polymer clay faux jasper DIY tutorial

I’m not sure if I told you yet about a blog I love and I inspire from. This polymer clay faux jasper DIY tutorial is from a very talented artist I find online.  Polymerclaysmooshers has some lovely free tutorials you can inspire from. I could bet you are not convinced yet and in order to support my idea I will present you some easy polymer clay faux jasper DIY tutorial that I found on Polymerclaysmooshers.

If you are a beginner this polymer clay faux jasper DIY tutorial is a nice way to start your creations.  You will be thrilled to find out that there’s no need of any tool. For this easy polymer clay faux jasper DIY tutorial you will need only some clay and your precious artistic hands :). Your hands and fingers are the tools you need for this technique.  This polymer clay faux jasper DIY tutorialmaybe the shortest and the easiest tutorial I have ever seen. And it has some unexpected outcome.

As a first step take a yellow clay ans smooth it with your hands. Break the clay pieces and smooth them together. Apply various chalk colors on the outside of the rough pieces. Roll or shape your piece flat and repeat the process. At the end you will have a piece that looks like a real stone.

Fallow the pictures and leave me your opinion in a comment.

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