Polymer clay pinwheel tutorial

In my long days of browsing for inspiration this polymer clay pinwheel tutorial caught all my attention. I don’t know why it took me so long to share it with you because it is a very simple tutorial that will bring you the childhood joy. I found this pinwheel tutorial here. Actually is from gum paste, but the process fits perfect for clay.

For this polymer clay pinwheel tutorial you will need:
-three colors of polymer clay (red, white and blue)
– cutter
– roller pin

Polymer clay pinwheel tutorial

Step 1

First we will create a blue polymer clay sheet. Use a cutter to create a perfect square. We’ll move now at the second color: the white. You’ll have to create a white sheet of clay and then cut thin lines out of it. That was easy, isn’t it? You now have to repeat the process with the red color.  You now have all the material you need, in the shapes need for the this polymer clay pinwheel tutorial.

Step 2

For the second step you will have to add the clay strips intersecting the colors: one red and then one withe. Use the roller to smooth out the strips and to seal these two layers and the cutter to remove the extra clay from the strips.

Step 3

Use a cutter to make diagonal slits, but do not cut the entire sheet. Use the photo tutorial to get a better understanding. Pick up each corner and press it’s bottom to the center of the square until you have a pinwheel shape. You can add a small ball of white in the center. And now it’s time to congratulate you for finishing this polymer clay pinwheel tutorial!


Did you enjoyed this polymer clay pinwheel tutorial? I hope you did!

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