Polymer clips office

Polymer clay office decorations

Most of us spend lot of hours in the office and we all know how important is to feel yourself very comfortable and relax for being more productive. So, as a continuity of my previous article regarding home decorations I thought why shouldn’t write also an article about office decorations. There are so many decorative

polymer clay colored pen – canes 2

Polymer clay pen

What do you think about a polymer clay pen? The idea of covering pens with polymer clay canes piqued my interest.  You can use them to decorate your work-space. This could be also a nice handmade gift for any of your friends! Whoever begins a story, you will be the one who brings the colors in it!

A bouquet of Northern Lights 4

Polymer clay flower bouquets

This article is about a beautiful polymer clay work that I want to share with you! Yuli Nika is a very talented artist! Hers idea of polymer clay flower bouquets is taken to an advanced level. For this amazing wedding bouquets that last forever I may consider remarrying  :)) Bouquets of handmade flowers made of polymer

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