Polymer clay rose tutorial

I decided to share with you this polymer clay rose tutorial I’ve found. It’s easy and has a lot of photos that describe each step. For those of you who want to decorate your projects with roses, hopefully the following step by step tutorial will help you have one special rose.

Although the author of this polymer clay rose tutorial is using a five petal cutter for most of the petals the rose can be also made using single petals

What you will need for this rose tutorial:
one color of polymer clay
rolling board
rolling pins
5 petal blossom cutter
wire if you want to add the rose to a bouquet


Follow the pictures to create your own rose.

Hope you enjoyed this polymer clay rose tutorial, although it is made for cake decoration, this technique could be use for jewelry decorations. Who doesn’t believe it is nice to have a romantic set of roses?

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That’s all with this polymer clay rose tutorial. Hope to see soon. Get captivating new tutorials just like this one by following my Pinterest page .