Polymer Clay Fox Tutorial – DIY step by step

Sly, beautiful and wild ? Yes, I speak about this mystery creature from the forest … The fox.  For today, we make a Polymer Clay Fox. This can be a toy for a child,a reason for your young soul to be happy or a gift for any other person who loves nature.

What do we need for a Polymer Fox ?

  • Black, white and orange polymer clay
  • A ball shape modelling tool
  • Needle Tool or something else with a thin top to make details


Step 1

Make an orange ball for the head and an oval for the body. Now use the ball shape modelling tool to make make two holes into the head, these will be for the eyes.  Extend the left and the right side like in the image. For the body we need some white polymer clay, which will be attached to the body.

Step 2

Eyes: create 2 tiny black balls and put on it some white modelling material. Now put these into the inner of the head.

Ear: we need some orange modelling material, which will get a curved form and then we put into the ear a little bit white polymer clay and on the top of the ear some black.

Now, let’s do a mouth for our polymer clay fox.  This part is very simple ,just take a white polymer clay and bring it to shape from the image. Create a tiny black ball and put on the white part.

Step 3

Orange,white and black. This is the color for the tail, arms and legs. Shaping legs and arms In the appropriate form and use orange, for the hand and foot use black polymer clay.  With  the needle tool draw up two line for the fingers. For the last part, the tail, roll it up some orange and white polymer clay in order to become a crescent moon. Now attach this new part on the body.

Polymer Clay Fox Tutorial - DIY step by step

This is your beautiful fox now, or a great present for somebody who you love.

I found my inspiration here! For more free polymer clay check this link.

If you tried this tutorial and want to share your result pleas add a comment.

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