Polymer clay mokume gane tutorial

This is a step by step polymer clay mokume gane tutorial. Following this instructions you’ll learn to create beautiful pasterns with blended colors. For this polymer clay mokume gane tutorial you will need: several colors of clay several cutters in different shapes drilling tool Polymer clay mokume gane tutorial Step 1: First of all we’ill

Polymer clay textured drop earrings tutorial

I have prepared you an easy polymer clay textured drop earrings tutorial. In this article will cover the steps on how to create this nice and simple drop earrings. What you will need for this polymer clay textured drop earrings tutorial clay roller/ pasta machine round small cutter and larger drop cutter (you can use any cutters you

How to make polymer clay arch earrings

As some of you requested I have prepared a new tutorial. Today we’ll learn how to make polymer clay arch earrings. We’ll use a essay pattern and even the beginners will enjoy the result of the simple process. Step by step instructions on how to make polymer clay arch earrings Tools for making the earrings – more

How to make a polymer clay geometrical pattern

I’m in my creative mood and I’ve just finished this new tutorial. The products in the oven didn’t even cool down, so I ran to share with you how to make a polymer lay geometrical pattern. This is an easy tutorial, so beginners or even the advanced ones are welcome to join the process. Step by

Polymer clay frog diy tutorial

I prepared for you a polymer clay frog diy tutorial. It will be a funny project and a way to exercise your molding skills. Check out how easy is to make this little frog . Enjoy! Learn how to make your own figurines. This is an easy steps by step tutorial with lots of instructions. For this polymer

Polymer clay flower earrings diy

Last week I shared with you a very simple polymer clay earrings diy tutorial. It was meant to help the new joiners in the clay world. Today we’ll add a new flavor to it for those of you that feel you need to move to next level. With this polymer clay flower earrings diy e’ll create

Clay earrings diy

Several years ago, I discovered the beauty of polymer clay crafts. I started with some cute flowers that become earrings.  Making your own jewelry is fun. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures with them to show you, but I make up for it by teaching you how to make them. This clay earrings diy tutorial will

Fake polymer clay agate tutorial

Today we will learn together how to create agate stone. This fake polymer clay agate tutorial will start a new area within your creations. The sky is the limit! For this fake polymer clay agate tutorial you will need: clay: translucent, white, purple (or any other color of your choice) cutter Pasta machine or roller Step

Faux polymer clay Lapis Lazuli tutorial DIY

I really want to share with you a cool way to create your own faux stone jewelry. This tutorial shows you an easy way on how to create faux polymer clay Lapis Lazuli.  It is created by some talented artist from desiredcreations.com For this faux polymer clay Lapis Lazuli tutorial you will need a cutter , different shades of blue clay, translucent

Polymer clay faux jasper DIY tutorial

I’m not sure if I told you yet about a blog I love and I inspire from. This polymer clay faux jasper DIY tutorial is from a very talented artist I find online.  Polymerclaysmooshers has some lovely free tutorials you can inspire from. I could bet you are not convinced yet and in order to support my idea