Polymer clay Little Red ideas

We are following the list of the characters of childhood stories with polymer clay Little Red ideas. Over the hill and through the woods, to grandmothers house we go! Little red riding hood inspired pendants.

Red scarf is very fond of kids of all ages and can be a special gift for a little girl you want to impress.

Often, toys such as Little Red attract both children and adults who yearn for the carefree childhood. Games are always a gateway to the joyful and colorful world of childhood.

Below you can find some nice ideas from ElviraCarangi  that worth copying.

Polymer clay Little Red ideas

Polymer clay Little Red ideas

What do you think about this polymer clay little red ideas? Aren’t they funny? Any of this figurines will be a nice toy for a kid! You can also create them from gum paste and use them as a cake topper.

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