Polymer clay Snow White ideas

Below you can find some nice photos I collected from flicker with polymer clay Snow White ideas. I will do more, but sine Snow White was my favorite story for many years during my childhood I decided that this will be first on a many series of articles.

Your children can now play with fabulous figurines while listening to classical stories or they can wear jewels with their favorite characters to fill their day of joy.

Polymer clay Snow White ideas

  • Snow white flower dress polymer clay charm created by the same atist.

  • and a necklace also by the same artist

  • Polymer clay Snow white photo holder – same artist

  • Polymer clay pendant with a red apple charm made of FIMO (polymer clay), varnished with a special gloss lacquer for polymer clay after baking, and a mirror charm by Maria

  • Princess Snow White – Polymer Clay Bead – Charm – by Betty Escobar


Polymer clay Snow White ideas

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