Fimo flower canes

Fimo flower canes can be used to create jewelry and to cover all kind of objects. That’s actually true for any kind of cane.  In the opinion of many crafters, a good polymer clay cane, is an art form in itself. Take a look at the next selection and tell me if that statement isn’t it true?

Here are some fimo flower canes ideas from one of my favorite polymer clay canes artists: tamishvat

What’s your favorite fimo flower cane? I find the fourth one amazing! You can shop for this beautiful polymer clay flower canes here.

You may also want to look here for more flower canes ideas. For a better effect you should cover the cane into translucent clay, this way you can combine multiple designs without any trouble.

Here is a free step by step do it yourself tutorial on how to create an easy polymer clay yellow flower cane. Take a look you never know what inspires you to create!

I hope you enjoy this selection of fimo flower canes! Thanks for joining me today! I wish you a creative day! Don’t forget to follow my Pinterest page to get new ideas and updates on free fimo diy tutorials.