polymer clay hydrangea flower – DYI step by step tutorial

The hydrangeas flower is the national flower of Bangladesh. It symbolizes love and life. Some brides choose water lilies bridal bouquets since it represents chastity and purity of the heart and soul.

Below is a free tutorial on how to make a polymer clay hydrangeas flower. I don’t reminder were from came this crazy idea, but why not? Nothing seems complicated after you did it. I hope you find this tutorial as all the answer to the question: “how to make a polymer clay hydrangeas flower?”. I hope you find this free dyi hydrangeas flower tutorial useful regarding your fimo ideas .

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For making a polymer clay hydrangeas flower you will need:

– one color of clay (if you are an experienced clay user you can mix the colors for a better product or you can just paint them at the end. The real flowers are a subtle mixture of loads of different colors )

polymer clay hydrangea flower - DYI step by step tutorial


  • take a piece of clay and with your fingers make a drop out of if
  • on the bigger part cut a cross. You will have now four petals
  • push the petals out with a toothpick.
  • put one of the petals upright and roll up on itself
  • let out the rest of petals overlapping each other
  • Cut other rose, now the next size and repeat the same operation with the modeling tool.
  • This time put the previous bud in the center of the flower and let out the rest of petals overlapping each other(use a toothpick)
  • cut another set of petals and repeat operations (you can repeat this until you have the dimension you need)

I have always loved the delicacy and vibrancy of Hydrangea flowers so I really enjoyed trying to replicate them in fimo. Regarding the colors there is not a correct way to do but I usually go for gradually building up the different colors until I’m happy with the result.

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