Polymer clay jewelry with flowers

Even if the summer is almost over, it does not mean it’s done with flower accessories. I believe that the summer ends only in the calendar, not in the outfit. Polymer clay jewelry with flowers are the best way you extend your summer vacation until the next summer. Below are some amazing ideas that I bet you’ll love.

I prepared for you a list with amazing polymer clay jewelry with flowers created by JewelryWithFlower. For the beginners I have a good news: if it seems impossible for you to create them, you have another option: to buy them from etsy.

  • necklace handmade,polymer clay,necklace of flowers,yellow dahlias,red Rowan berries and rose hips,colorful,autumn,cold porcelain necklace

Polymer clay jewelry with flowers

  • hair accessory,comb rose ,comb flowers, comb wedding,white roses in hair,hair flowers,hair clip with roses clip into the bride’s hairstyle

  • Brooch hair clip 2 in 1 brooch flower,hair flower,brooch polymer clay,polymer clay barrette,hair accessory,flower in hair,blue rose clay

  • lilac polymer clay,custom,your design,brooch,barrette with flowers,polymer clay,cold porcelain,gift Valentine day,gift on 8 March,woman gift

  • brooch-hairpin with a rose and Pansy barrette with flowers,brooch flowers,hair accessory,pink rose brooch,clip purple pansies,gift women’s

  • Brooch handmade brooch of cold porcelain brooch with flower peony brooch polymer clay,pink peony,designer brooch,jewelry with flowers

  • ring of clay,handmade ring,ring with succulents,decoration with flowers,jewelry with plants,gift girl,Botanical ring,jewelry handmade ring,

  • jewelry set made of polymer clay,vintage flowers,white,ring, polymer clay,earrings handmade,pendant, cold porcelain,bronze,jewelry vintage

  • Headband with roses,Polymer clay,Accessories for hair,headband flower,Roses in hair,flowers, cold porcelain,Pink roses,coral flowers,white

  • Brooch with red peony,Brooch polymer clay,pin handmade,brooch with flower ,brooch with red flower,large flower brooch,women’s gift

  • Hairpins with flowers,white daisies,polymer clay,cold porcelain,handmade,hair accessories,jewelry,polymer clay,gift on 8 March,the gift girl

  • hairpin,hairpin with flower,flower in hair,flower in hair,floral hair accessory,the iris in her hair,barrette flower,barrette with iris

  • Flower brooch, brooch made of polymer clay, white plumeria, white flower, polymer clay, hand made, tropical flower

  • brooch handmade decoration flower,brooch flower,brooch, iris,polymer clay,cold porcelain,jewelry flower


  • Brooch with flowers.polymer clay.frog on a flower Narcissus.handmade

  • Brooch with flower,polymer clay rose,cold porcelain,hot pink,handmade,rose,flower decoration,jewelry polymer clay

  • brooch with flower,handmade,the peony with brooch,brooch, polymer clay,purple peony,purple

  • pendant flower, pendant on the neck,floral decoration,pendant Apple blossom,flower,pendant polymer clay,cold porcelain flower,gift girl

  • bracelet polymer clay bracelet handmade bracelet with rose flowers polymer clay rose, cold porcelain,jewelry cold porcelain,leather bracelet

  • bracelet flowers,pink roses,purple lilacs,flowers earrings,polymer clay,bracelet made of polymer clay,leather bracelet,handmade,jewelry set

Polymer clay jewelry with flowers

  • Brooch and earrings with flowers jewelry set blue forget-me-polymer clay,blue flowers,pink,cold porcelain,handmade, flowers polymer clay

Polymer clay jewelry with flowers


I love this polymer clay artist and hers polymer clay jewelry with flowers! What do you think? I feel like wearing all beauties of summer.

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