Polymer clay peony tutorial

Spring is here and we all love to be surrounded by its beauties! Today I was wondering how it would be to enjoy them indoors as well,
so I bring to you a polymer clay peony tutorial! I hope you’ll enjoy it and that it will help you in your future projects!

As you’ve got used, we start with the tools needed:

– green and white polymer clay
– simple pins
– golden headed pins
– scissors
– heart shapers
– ball shape modelling tool

Step by step method:

Step 1: Firstly, use some of the white polymer clay and shape it into a drop. Use the scissors to cut its top into two bifurcations. Then add on its sides the golden
headed pins. These will represent the poymer clay peony’s anthers. Use the white polymer clay to create a flowerpot as well.
Shape it like a cylinder!

Step 2: Note: If you don’t have heart shapers like those from the collage, you can use a cutter. Use the green polymer clay to create the peony’s petals. Flatten it,
then cut it into various heart shapes.

Step 3: Place each petal onto a simple pin. Give the petals a “wavy” effect by using the ball shape modelling tool.

Step 4: Add each petal onto the white polymer clay “drop” you created at Step 1 and then put the final result onto the white polymer clay flowerpot.

And voile! Here is your own polymer clay peony! It is easy to make and the result is delightful and always ready to bring spring back in your home!

Polymer clay peony tutorial

I found my inspiration here !

What do you think? I would definitely try this polymer clay peony in red!It will look amazing! If you tried this tutorial and want to share your result pleas add a comment.

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