31 amazing polymer clay beads ideas

Today’s article is about amazing polymer clay beads. I will present you a collage of beautiful creations of an artist that after several years of working with clay still finds time for new techniques and possibilities.

VERA KLEIST – THOM is a german artist and mom of 4 kids who keep her too often from clay. If she has done this amazing work and at the same time take care of 4 children, ladies we do not have any excuse! 

31 amazing polymer clay beads ideas


This round mosaic idea looks amazing and the color combination are perfect! Here you can find a nice collection of mosaic polymer clay beads that you’ll love!

I love this retro polymer clay cooper beads necklace. Here is a gradient sheet tutorial that will help you mix the colors for this amazing result.

If you are interested in polymer clay beads here you will find more ideas.

I love this polymer clay artist and hers polymer clay beads jewelry! I want them all! What do you think? You can wear all this beauties any season.

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