amazing polymer clay beads bracelet

31 amazing polymer clay beads ideas

Today’s article is about amazing polymer clay beads. I will present you a collage of beautiful creations of an artist that after several years of working with clay still finds time for new techniques and possibilities. VERA KLEIST – THOM is a german artist and mom of 4 kids who keep her too often from clay. If she has done this amazing

simple polymer clay beads

Simple polymer clay beads – handmade gifts under 5$

Making polymer clay beads is fun, easy, cheap, and even makes a great activity for kids on a rainy afternoon or as a birthday party craft. Handmade Gifts are a great wait to show appreciation to family members, friends, and loved ones! There are many people who prefer handmade gifts for their uniqueness and the

Polymer clay bubbles beads – beaded jewelry (2)

Polymer clay bubbles beads – beaded jewelry

In the world of accessories, beaded jewelry is occupies the first place. Beaded pieces have been used to accessorize outfits for thousands of years. You can find beads jewelry pieces in any accessory collection. But how can you be unique when everyone owns a piece in this category? Well…, this is the first advantage when you DIY

polymer clay beads necklace mosaic – fimo – diy jewelry

Polymer clay mosaic beads that you’ll love

Today’s subject of interest is polymer clay mosaic beads! This amazing creations will steal your heart! I created for you a selection with the most interesting ones. Homemade beads add a personal touch and artistic flair to the jewelry that you can never achieve by going to the store! They allow you to be creative and

faux batik polymer clay diy handmade beads

Polymer clay beads to DIY this summer

As as promised you in my last article, we have a new list, this time on polymer clay beads! You can make, bracelets, necklaces, earrings or even rings with this beautiful and unique creations! I love summer for my liberty of wearing all those colorful with complicated look jewelry! I adore to add a colored polymer

polymer clay necklace pendant +earrings +bangle – clay set – grey fimo with small heart

Polymer clay jewelry with hearts – romantic set of handmade jewelry

What’s so hard about dressing for Valentine’s Day? Throw on any dress, add this beautiful polymer clay jewelry with hearts and you’re ready for your date! This beautiful handmade set will finish your romantic outfit! If you are looking for a present for Valentine’s Day or just something romantic for your loved one, this handmade jewelry are the perfect match for any

polymer clay gradient beads tutorial step by step

Polymer clay gradient beads tutorial

Here’s another fun project that I want to share with you: polymer clay gradient beads tutorial to use in colorful jewelry! Over time the polymer clay beads squeezed the most time at my studio, but i’m not complaining. I succeeded to improve my techniques and for sure the amount of necklaces that I hold. What you will need: 3 colors Polymer

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