Polymer clay single bead necklace

Any of these polymer clay single bead necklace will add a twist to your wardrobe. From your favorite pair of jeans to a workday at the office to a Friday night out, they’re the perfect accessory to your wardrobe

  • polymer clay single red bead necklace created by Bornin82
  • polymer clay single black bead necklace
  • This handmade modern necklace is made of unbreakable polymer clay beads created by DabitaJewelry

  • Pale Grey Polymer Clay bead necklace with peach tassel – fimo bead necklace by SuperSuperHQ
  • This lovely limited edition hand rolled polymer clay bead and contrasting tassel necklace is perfect for adding a pop of color and sparkle to and party outfit this season!


  • Peacock Blue polymer clay bead necklace with teal green tassel – fimo bead necklace

  • Tangerine Polymer Clay Pendant Necklace With Sky Blue Tassel – fimo bead necklace

  • Inspired by real gemstones, this little geometric nugget bead necklace is carefully and thoughtfully hand formed and cut, then strung onto a handmade chain necklace created by JetAndPetal

  •  red, grey and black polymer clay single bead necklace

I love the idea of polymer clay single bead necklace! What do you think?

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