Colorful heart pendant

Check out this collection of colorful heart pendant items. This modern pieces are a perfect gift for Valentine’s day. The items presented here are for sale on Etsy’s shop Bluefirekreations.

Colorful heart pendant

  • Polymer Clay Pendant Smiling Heart

A beautiful polymer clay pendant in silver, blue, green and orange colours. This pendant has abstract patterns embedded into it and the heart shape appears to have a textured smile.

Colorful heart pendant

  • Mokume gane clay heart pendant

This is a handcrafted polymer clay heart with a textured copper coloured pattern opening running across the width and a silver plated bail.

  • Polymer Clay Heart Pendant with Copper Spiral

This is a handcrafted polymer clay heart shaped pendant with a metallic silver background and green,turquoise purple and red highlights.

Colorful heart pendant


I’m interested in you sincere opinion about this colorful polymer clay necklace. What do you think about them? I totally love this creations! As a result I’ll make a tutorial inspired by the work of this amazing artist!

If you are still looking for jewelry inspiration this link has a lot of items to help your with your scope. Also, if you are looking for free do it yourself fimo / polymer clay tutorials here are listed a lot of them. Save the link on your bookmarks. As a result it will be easy for you to stay updated. You will definitely want to check it frequently for ideas and inspiration.

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