Cute polymer clay fairy necklace

Create a magical look with any of this cute polymer clay fairy necklace. Still, fairy tales have been considered to be a model for every little girl. I am one, in childhood I loved the stories with fairies and I still do. That’s why I would always choose to wear such a cute polymer clay fairy necklace.

Besides the perfect appearance of these characters, I love the idea that when I decide to wear it, there will be no one with the same jewelry as mine.

This necklaces with fairy doll in polymer clay are totally handmade without molds. And they all look so pretty! Choose yours and let’s live happily ever after!

This is my favorite polymer clay fairy necklace! I love the idea of the fairy that holds the key!

If you could choose one cute polymer clay fairy necklace, which one will you go for? Don’t worry, you don’t have to choose only one! They are all for sale over here. If you decide to create your own, please share with us the result.

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