Faux polymer clay Lapis Lazuli tutorial DIY

I really want to share with you a cool way to create your own faux stone jewelry. This tutorial shows you an easy way on how to create faux polymer clay Lapis Lazuli.  It is created by some talented artist from desiredcreations.com

For this faux polymer clay Lapis Lazuli tutorial you will need a cutter , different shades of blue clay, translucent clay, white clay, gold foil and a cutter.

For the first step of this polymer clay Lapis Lazuli tutorial you will need to cut small pieces of the clay . The original Lapis Lazuli stone is a dark color of blue with small insertion of white, light blue and gold. To create a more realistic copy of the stone you will need to have a lot of dark colors pieces and only a few amount of light blue, white and translucent.


As the second step (and last) of this polymer clay Lapis Lazuli tutorial you will have to cut small pieces of gold foil and combine it with the small pieces of clay. You can use also gold powder.

Now you can create your bead in the shape of your desire. Here is an example of a bracelet created by desiredcreations.

What do you think about this polymer clay Lapis Lazuli tutorial? Leave us a comment and share with us the result you get after following the steps.

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