polymer clay charm bracelet – ideas to accessorize your day

I love charm bracelets! It’s the cheapest way to personalize your outfit. Neither you are going to work or you are going out with friend, this with unique handmade bracelets will inspire you to create adequate accessories for each occasion.

When fashioned in moving to fast, you need to adapt colors and with accents. The following handmade fimo/polymer clay charms will inspire you to create your own polymer clay bracelet

  • fimo / polymer clay flower charm bracelet – artist: KittenUmka

  • fimo/ polymer clay heart charm bracelet – artist: ChrisBergmanHandmade

  • fimo/ polymer clay peach flower charm bracelet – artist: EvasCreationsShop

  • fimo/ polymer clay holiday charm bracelet – artist: TwoLittleCoconuts

  • fimo/ polymer clay dice charm bracelet – artist: BackToBetty

  • fimo/ polymer clay Halloween pumpkins charm bracelet – artist: wandamariadesigns

  • fimo/ polymer clay Winnie the Pooh and Friends Inspired charm bracelet – artist: aWishUponACharm .

Here is a nice collection of articles containing Winnie the Pooh characters.

  • fimo/ polymer clay white flower charm bracelet – artist: EvasCreationsShop

  • fimo/ polymer clay charm bracelet – artist: LadySmooch


  • fimo/ polymer clay Red Riding Hood charm bracelet – artist: FayeValentineJewelry

  • fimo/ polymer clay apple charm bracelet – artist: PommeDeNeige

  • fimo/ polymer clay ballerina charm bracelet – artist: MysteryWoods

  • fimo/ polymer clay french dessert charm bracelet – artist: KsuhaJewelryFlowers

  • fimo / polymer clay flower charm bracelet – artist: IrisArtStore

  • fimo / polymer clay tribal charm bracelet – artist: candyfoxx

  • fimo/ polymer clay charm bracelet – artist: Specialgiftsonline

  • fimo / polymer clay Alice in wonderland charm bracelet – artist: AudreyPinkStyle

  • fimo / polymer clay Anna and Elsa charm bracelet – artist: CandyDesignCrea

  • fimo / polymer clay blue rose charm bracelet – artist: PommeDeNeige

  • fimo / polymer clay Disney’s The Lion King charm bracelet – artist: aWishUponACharm

  • fimo / polymer clay holiday charm bracelet – artist: RTreasureBox

fimo / polymer clay charm bracelet – artist: ClearWaterDesignsbyK

  • fimo / polymer clay Starbucks and Treats charm bracelet – artist: YannieCreations

  • fimo / polymer clay Emoji charm bracelet – artist: MadeByTokiToki

  • fimo / polymer clay charm bracelet – artist: CleopatraCandy

What’s your favorite fimo / polymer clay charm bracelet ?

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