Mother daughter polymer clay necklace pendant set

If your mother birthday is coming soon, this mother daughter polymer clay necklace pendant set it will be a great gift idea.  Set consists of one big pendant and one smaller pendant with romantic flower motifs. For them’s creation there are no mold used, it was used the appliqued technique where each flower petal is gently added to the pendant with a needle. It was a hard work for creating them, but the result just worth it!

These beautiful romantic necklaces are pieces of original and unique artwork. Wouldn’t it be a great appearance if at a certain family event you and your loved mother will wear a mother daughter polymer clay necklace pendant set ? If the event is close or if you are not in your creative mood, you can order them on Etsy over VintageFloralJewel.

This beige boho style set consists in two handmade polymer clay pendants for lovely mother and daughter, sisters or for friends.

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