Amazing polymer clay mokume gane pendant – tutorial

Not every sophisticated jewelry is hard to make, for example this amazing polymer clay mokume gane pendant is easy to make if you have the right tools.

Things you will need for this polymer clay mokume gane pendant :

– 3 colors of polymer clay: white, black and beige or any 3 colors of your choice
– thin pattern mold
– pasta machine
– rolling pin
– cutter
– 2 mold diferent size of the same shape


– create 3 thin sheets, one of each color
– cut them into halph and combine them
– add the thin pattern mold and pass them through pasta machine
– remove the mold and cutt the exces from the sheet
– when the sheet is smooth, cut out of it the small shape you choose
– create a black sheet of polymer clay to use it as a base for your pendant
– use the bigger cuter for the base
– combine them base with the mokume gane pattern and there you go you have an amazing polymer clay mokume gane pendant
– make a whole or add on the back of the pendant two coils to support it

If you need more details about this tutorial please go to the page where I found it.

I hope you enjoyed this polymer clay mokume gane amazing pendant tutorial and that you’ll be back soon. Here  you can find a nice list of polymer clay free tutorial that you may like.

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