Polymer clay applique technique pendants

We still have time before the winter holidays and because I know you want to shine, I prepared a collection of polymer clay applique technique pendants from WizArt Creations to inspire you or to complete your outfit.

This are a beautiful, handmade one-of-a-kind polymer clay pendants created with the applique technique. It represents a Wearable Art that is perfect for any occasion. The floral motifs are made of luminescent clay that glows in the dark after you charge it with direct sunlight or another source of a strong light. When the lights go off, it glows mystically for a few minutes.

  • Blue Glow In The Dark Pendant, Handmade Polymer Clay Jewelry, Clay Applique, Clay Embroidery, ‘Icy Touch’ Wearable Art

  • Heart Pendant, Handmade Jewelry, Polymer Clay Pendant, Glow in the Dark Jewelry, Luminescent Necklace, Love Pendant, ‘Flower of the Night’

  • Handmade Polymer Clay and Labradorite Jewelry, Hand Sculpted Pendant, ‘The Embrace of the Earth and Sky’, One-of-a-Kind Wearable Art, polymer clay applique technique pendants

  • Glow in the Dark Jewelry, Handmade Polymer Clay Pendant, Luminescent Necklace /w Color-Changing Crystal, ‘Flower of the Night’, Wearable Art

  • Blue Jewelry, Glow in the Dark Pendant, Handmade Jewelry, Polymer Clay Pendant, Starry Pendant, Galaxy Necklace, Clay Applique, Wearable Art
  • Blue, White and Black Handmade Polymer Clay Pendant with Swarovski Crystals, 30x40mm Cabochon, Applique Floral Jewelry, ART you can wear!

  • Handmade Polymer Clay Pendant, Handmade Jewelry with Swarovski Crystals, Clay Applique, Clay Embroidery, Golden Dawn, Wearable Art, polymer clay applique technique pendants

  • Handmade Jewelry, Glow in the Dark Pendant, Polymer Clay Jewelry, ‘Flower of the Night’ Necklace with Color-Changing Swarovski Crystals


What do you think? Is not that the easiest way to shine? I love the idea and the creations themselves! I hope you enjoyed this polymer clay applique technique pendants. I love the combination between polymer clay and Swarovski Crystals! For more polymer clay  jewelry ideas click here.

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