Polymer clay double bead earrings

Hello dear ones! I found an interesting idea of earrings that I want to share with you: polymer clay double bead earrings. They are simple, but the patterns and the colors make this jewelry an eye-catch item. This polymer clay double bead earrings will look lovely on everyone!

Take a look at the collection and tell me what do you think? Isn’t it a nice idea to spend your afternoon? I think that will look amazing a pair of this earrings with gradient beads! Here is a nice tutorial on how to create a gradient sheet. Take a look for a better understanding on my idea. If you are a starter in working with clay, here are some nice tutorials to help you to move forward.

I found all of this lovely polymer clay double bead earrings on Etsy. You can order them on JUSTSUbySC shop. I suggest you take a look, there are other nice pieces there!

Polymer clay double bead earrings

Which one are your favorite polymer clay double bead earrings? Mine are the last ones.

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If you are in the beginning with clay work, here is a nice list of tutorial that will help you with your projects. Enjoy them and until next time I wish you all a creative day!

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