Polymer clay floral embroider beads

Each flower of this polymer clay floral embroider beads is hand placed with a needle and adorned with a crystal center. I hope you enjoy the collection and if you do, you can order any of the polymer clay floral embroider beads presented here over MoobieGraceDesigns shop on Etsy.

  • handcrafted flowers of this polymer clay floral embroider beads on a shimmery periwinkle background, and floral/foliage in various shades of periwinkle and white.

  • a pair of 2 handcrafted artisan beads one in shades of black/grey/white, the other in blue/yellow/green.

  • 2 handcrafted focal beads, the first is steel blue background with flowers & stitching in bright white, and foliage in taupe and the second is pale pink with green foliage on a dark grey background.

  • set 3 beads on a cognac hued background and floral in shades of teal.

  • Bali inspired polymer clay floral embroider beads in shades of orchid, lavender, aqua, orange, rust, and yellows.

  • handcrafted 4 embroider beads on a bronze-brown background with flowers in ivory and foliage in light bronze.

  • handcrafted polymer clay floral embroider beads  with a base of mint green and flowers in orchid, moss green, rust, orange, and yellow

  • handcrafted polymer clay focal bead and accent bead set with a muted copper background

  • polymer clay floral embroider beads set with backgrounds of aqua, flowers and stitching in lime green and leaves in pale aqua.

  • bead set with backgrounds of dove grey  and flowers and leaves in shades of coral/dark grey.

  • black bead set on an ebony background with floral in shades of kiwi and foliage in dove gray.

  • polymer clay floral embroider beads set on an orange background and floral and foliage in shades of baby blues and green.

  • handcrafted bead on a silvery sky blue background, and floral and foliage in shades of yellow and corals. Each flower has a crystal center accent

  • clay focal bead on a buttery yellow background, with wisteria in shades of lavender, and green foliage.

  • Large oval handcrafted polymer clay focal pendant bead with Pale grey on steel grey.

  • two artisan polymer clay focal beads – floral beads – pendant – cottage chic – embroidered

  • bead set on a true purple background, and floral design in shades of orange, kiwi green, and teal.

  • accent bead set with backgrounds of pale grey, and branches and leaves in coral/dark grey.

  • A pair of two artisan polymer clay focal beads. Grey background with shades of matte gold.

  • A trio of beads. The first one is in deep rose/pale pink, the second in dark & light sage green, and lastly shades of purple flowers on a deep grey background.

  • clay focal bead set on a summery turquoise background and flowers in shades of lime green and light turquoise

I don’t know about you but I for certain enjoyed this collection of Polymer clay floral beads and I’m on my way to create my own! If you are a jewelry addicted as I am, you should use this link for more ideas.

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