Polymer clay folk jewelry that match perfectly to your traditional costume

From traditional to a trend, embroidery is making a red-carpet comeback! Everywhere you look there are clothes, bags, shoes and  even jewelry with traditional motifs. The treasures of our past has just become more valuable! Below you will find some amazing polymer clay folk jewelry to inspire for your next DIY projects.

  • Handmade polymer clay pendant, flower-shaped matte embroidery Every part of her work was hand-crafted with meticulous work. artist: Belundika

  • Matyo flower earrings and pendant, handmade polymer clay folk jewelry set – same artist

  • Matyo flower earrings, flower-shaped matte embroidery – same artist

  • This is a beautiful, handmade one-of-a-kind polymer clay pendant in Hungarian style inspired by the Kalocsai embroidery. It is a Wearable Art that is perfect for any occasion – artist: WizArtCreations

  • Handmade polymer clay pendant inspired by the Hungarian Kalocsai Embroidery, clay applique necklace, wearable art – same artist

  • Handmade polymer clay folk jewelry, clay set inspired by the Hungarian Kalocsai Embroidery – same artist

  • Handmade polymer clay folk pendant inspired by the Hungarian Kalocsai Embroidery, clay applique necklace – same artist


  • Fashion necklace floral pendant, fashion pendant, colorful flower necklace, polymer clay folk pendant, folk art necklace – artist: VintageFloralJewel

  • Flower jewelry- Hungarian embroidery pattern, polymer clay jewelry- red flower pendant- red and white pendant – same artist

  • Hungarian folk motif jewelry – polymer clay jewelry – Kalocsai motif ring- white, red, green, yellow, blue ring – same artist

  • Dangle earrings, red flower earrings, white dangle earrings, folk jewelry, polymer clay folk jewelry, applique polymer earrings – same artist

  • Hungarian folk motif pendant- polymer clay folk jewelry – tulip flower motifs – spring flower pendant- Black, Red, Green – same artist

  • ClayJewellery created the next clay pendant with Hungarian motives

Also I collected some painted jewelry from mintapalinta having an amazing folk design to use them as inspiration. Here are the painted pieces that can be adapted to the embroidery technique as the ones before in case you are not adept of painting over the clay.


I hope you enjoyed this selection of polymer clay folk jewelry and although you are not a follower of the popular harbor, at least you appreciate such things that keep alive the history of many generations.

You should try this link where you will find more jewelry ideas that match any occasion you have in mind. If you are interested in learning more about how to create with polymer clay, here is nice list with tutorials.

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