Polymer clay handmade bib necklace

This beautiful polymer clay handmade bib necklace is a part of a nice geometric collection. The characteristics of it are bright, bold colors, geometric patterns and classic yet obviously hand-cut shapes. It is designed for every day wear to add something unique and vibrant to your casual clothing, but it finds it’s perfect fit with an elegant dress.

Any of the pieces in this polymer clay handmade bib necklace collection are made entirely of clay. The geometric pattern was carved while leatherhard and inlaid with black underglaze. The necklace is coated with non toxic turquoise and vanilla glazes.

The necklace is light and comfortable to wear. Due to its handmade nature every piece is unique and would look fabulous with many outfit choices. Dress up a simple top and jeans or add this beautiful necklace to a cocktail dress. This necklace is sure to have many people notice and you will receive many compliments on this unique necklace.

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Isn’t this black and gold polymer clay handmade bib necklace so elegant? This idea of polymer clay handmade bib necklace just got a top position in my to do clay projects list. I love working with clay, this way I can have any jewelry I want much cheaper and jet in a much unique one of a kind! If you didn’t start yet working with clay, here are some nice tutorials to convince you that it’s easy. Oh, I was about to forget, I found this beautiful polymer clay handmade bib necklace on Etsy .

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