Polymer clay lace like jewelry

It’s time to share with you a divine handmade polymer clay lace like jewelry collection. And it definitely is .This handmade pendants are made out of white ceramic air dry clay, but I’m sure they can be made with the same precision from soft clay.

This polymer clay lace like jewelry are designed for small drops of your favorite essential oil. This way you will have both your passions combined the perfume and the jewelry. If you use the air dry clay, the oil will quickly sink into the pendant and diffuse for four to six hours. For cleaning and upkeep of the pendant, wipe with a damp cloth and store in a safe, dry place. You can order any of the below items on Etsy. You can find them over the SkyToHaven shop.

Polymer clay lace like jewelry

I hope you enjoyed this new idea of polymer clay lace like jewelry. If you decide to create your own please share with us the result! The simplest way to create some polymer clay lace like jewelry is to create the shape you need for your jewelry and then pres a thick piece of lace to print the pattern.

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