Polymer clay monstera earrings

I sow a lot of jewelry having this type of leaf but until gathering ideas for this collection of polymer clay monstera earrings I never knew it’s name. The actual name of the plant is monstera deliciosa, but it’s also known as the Swiss cheese plant.

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Polymer clay monstera earrings

3 pair set polymer clay earrings  earring studs  monstera studs  monstera earrings polymer clay Hawaii studs  studs

Polymer clay monstera earrings

green monstera earrings

Monstera earrings – pink earrings

Polymer clay monstera earrings, pearl white – polymer clay earrings

Monstera fimo earrings Large

Polymer clay monstera earrings, Monstera earrings, clay earrings, Hawaii

Leaf earrings

Monstera stud earrings, polymer clay earrings, dark green leaf earrings, light blue studs, pink leaf studs, five pack handmade studs

White monstera earrings

Polymer clay earrings, matter white earrings, white leaf earrings, white long leaf earrings, handmade jewelery

Three pack monstera polymer clay earrings

fimo monstera, purple leaf earrings, dark blue studs, pink leaf studs, three pack handmade studs

Any of this handmade items would be a great gift idea for any occasion.  But if I have to chose I’ll go for the set!

If you are looking for jewelry inspiration, here is our full items collection.

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