Polymer clay rectangular pendant ideas

I discovered a beautiful collection of polymer clay rectangular pendant ideas that I want to share with you. It is true that besides shaping the paste, paints were also used, but the result is amazing! Any of the polymer clay rectangular pendants will be a grate deal for your jewelry box! Every polymer clay rectangular pendant is well suited to any wardrobe.

If you had to choose only one polymer clay rectangular pendant, for which one will you go? It’s just a curiosity, because all of them fits for any occasion and are also ideal for every day use. I’ll go for the polymer clay rectangular pendant with the girl that’s holding some ballons. I bet you could tell because that one it’s the cover of the article.

This collection includes simple and minimalists ideas. Enjoy them! If you are desperate to have some, you can order any of the items presented in this article in livemaster.

Enjoy the polymer clay rectangular pendant collection!

Polymer clay rectangular pendant ideas


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If you are in the beginning with clay work, here is a nice list of tutorial that will help you with your projects. Enjoy them and until next time I wish you all a creative day!

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