Polymer clay Valentines Day Heart red and white Pin brooch

Polymer clay Valentine’s day heart pins

I collected some lovely polymer clay Valentine’s day heart pins from Etsy. You can order any of this lovely items in the collection from ChristysCornerShop shop What a sweet way to add a little touch of Valentine’s to your sweater or jacket. These little polymer clay Valentine’s day heart pins are perfect for anyone! If you’re looking for sentimental

Trio of Artisan Polymer Clay Focal Beads – Floral Beads – Handcrafted – Cottage Chic – Embroidered – Moobie Grace Designs

Polymer clay floral embroider beads

Each flower of this polymer clay floral embroider beads is hand placed with a needle and adorned with a crystal center. I hope you enjoy the collection and if you do, you can order any of the polymer clay floral embroider beads presented here over MoobieGraceDesigns shop on Etsy. handcrafted flowers of this polymer clay floral embroider beads on a shimmery periwinkle background, and floral/foliage

Forget Me Not. Elegant Polymer Clay Necklace Pendant. Special gift for your loved ones

Gracious polymer clay necklace pendant

I have prepared you a collection of gracious polymer clay necklace pendant ideas. Take a look, there is an exquisite, remarkable and colorful range of pieces that you must own! Enjoy this collection of gracious polymer clay necklace pendant, leave a comment and if you decide that must own one order it on Etsy. The BePrettyMe shop is the place

Mother of the Bride Gift Mother Daughter gift Mom Daughter Jewelry Set Birthday Gift for Mom

Mother daughter polymer clay necklace pendant set

If your mother birthday is coming soon, this mother daughter polymer clay necklace pendant set it will be a great gift idea.  Set consists of one big pendant and one smaller pendant with romantic flower motifs. For them’s creation there are no mold used, it was used the appliqued technique where each flower petal is gently added to

polymer clay heart pendant 5

New ideas for a polymer clay heart pendant

Less than a month until Valentine’s Day and I decide to prepare for it with three lovely ideas for a polymer clay heart pendant. Nothing define romance better than a heart. Before we go to the pictures I want to make it clear that you can buy any of the items presented below from Etsy over the ZingaraCreativa shop. Lovely vintage pink

Polymer clay pansies tutorial

Polymer clay pansies tutorial – DIY step by step

If you have a large collection of handmade jewelry, make sure to create some more using this polymer clay pansies tutorial. For this polymer clay pansies tutorial you will need: -four colors of polymer clay (blue, mauve, dark yellow, light yellow) – cutter – roller ping or pasta machine Process We’ll first create some canes for the