A bouquet of Northern Lights 4

Polymer clay flower bouquets

This article is about a beautiful polymer clay work that I want to share with you! Yuli Nika is a very talented artist! Hers idea of polymer clay flower bouquets is taken to an advanced level. For this amazing wedding bouquets that last forever I may consider remarrying  :)) Bouquets of handmade flowers made of polymer

Polymer clay feather tutorial

Polymer clay feather tutorial

Use this polymer clay feather tutorial to learn a new polymer clay technique. Depending on your creativity and imagination with this technique  you can make feathers of any shape and color.  In this example, I’ll make feathers with stripes and specks – a kind of fantasy mixture of feather pheasant and guinea fowl. For this polymer

polymer clay flower set

Polymer clay simple necklace tutorial

I want to share with you a simple, affordable and very inspiring polymer clay necklace tutorial. Believe me it’s an easy polymer clay necklace tutorial! Enjoy it and when in best mood be creative! For this polymer clay necklace tutorial it is necessary to have: Polymer clay in gray and three more colors to choose from;


Polymer Clay Fish Tutorial

Dear reader, it’s time to make your own polymer clay fish. I hope you find this polymer clay fish tutorial easy and that you’ll try it. After all practice make perfection! You need 2 colors and with polymer clay. Make two blocks of gradient clay as shown in the next figure For the next step


The 10 polymer clay jewelry list

This polymer clay jewelry list is a top I created for the days when you want something that’s simply stunning. I’m like a hamster that continuously collect, in my case ideas. Today I will share with you the list of jewelry that I would love to have. I keep seeing everywhere all of those model’s best looks.  I adore those simple jewelry which complete