The 10 polymer clay jewelry list

This polymer clay jewelry list is a top I created for the days when you want something that’s simply stunning. I’m like a hamster that continuously collect, in my case ideas. Today I will share with you the list of jewelry that I would love to have. I keep seeing everywhere all of those model’s best looks.  I adore those simple jewelry which complete

Polymer clay gold leaf stud earrings

Polymer clay gold leaf stud earrings

Polymer clay is a very versatile medium with endless possibilities. I want to present you some polymer clay gold leaf stud earrings and some silver leaf stud earrings and you to decide which one do you like most. The best way to improve you jewelry aspect is with gold leaf. This metallic look on polymer clay will attract attention as a magnet! If


Polymer clay buttons

When you need something different, it’s time to do it yourself! With polymer clay is the easiest way to improve the aspect of a sweater or a dress by creating personalized polymer clay buttons. It is also inexpensively and easily to have nice and unique buttons. In this way you will start wearing your old clothes and


Fimo flower canes

Fimo flower canes can be used to create jewelry and to cover all kind of objects. That’s actually true for any kind of cane.  In the opinion of many crafters, a good polymer clay cane, is an art form in itself. Take a look at the next selection and tell me if that statement isn’t it true?


polymer clay red beads ideas

Handmade clay beads create uniqueness of style. There are a lots of patterns and shapes you can use in order to define your style.  Making your own polymer clay red beads is the best way to personalize jewelry. I hope you enjoy the fimo / polymer clay red beads collection. 1. polymer clay red beads artist: Butterflyblue6 2.


Translucent polymer clay tutorial

Translucent polymer clay is not completely transparent like glass (though you can get some very nice glass-like effects with translucent clay). To get color effect you can use paint or normal clay. Be careful with the quantity of color otherwise you will lose the translucent clay effect. You can use translucent polymer clay to make beads, earrings, bracelets,


43 delicious polymer clay earrings for summer

Summer is about colors and joy,  don’t miss the following delicious polymer clay earrings collection. Colorful and cute they are suitable for any age, feel young and happy! I do not know what you think, but when I finish the article I’m going to cook something sweet because this earrings look so yuumy!!! Cupcakes earrings

polymer clay bracelet3

Clay Jewelry Series “Alien Invasion”

Ksenia Maevskaya is a talented polymer clay artist. She transformed a common theme as the “Alien Invasion” in some spectacular polymer clay jewelry. The series consist in clay bracelets and earrings with the most beautiful combinations of colors. Let’s give her the credits for this beauties: What do you think of this polymer clay clay jewelry? Wich

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