Polymer clay geometric cane – extruder technique

In this polymer clay geometric cane tutorial I will show you how to make perfect polymer clay geometric shapes using a clay extruder. I created squares and triangles, but with the extruder you can make many shapes.

Here’s what you will need:

– Selection of Fimo (or other Polymer clay) Colours

– Pasta Machine or rolling pin

– Clay Extruder



Step 1

Cut a piece of each color of clay and soften it with your hands or in the pasta machine.  Put the clay into the pasta machine to make small polymer clay sheets roll until approx 1mm thick with a rolling-pin. Is not a must to have 1mm, but the smaller the sheet the gradient will be the result. With a circle shape cutter cut multiple shapes of each color. You can use as many colours as you wish.

Polymer clay geometric cane - extruder technique

Step 2

Stack the circles that you have just cut out. You don’t have to put the colors in the same order. You can use the photo below as an example or fell free to be creative and combine the colors the way you feel.

Step 3

Put the stack of clay lightly in the extruder and twist the edge. Slice your extrusion result into sections to choose the perfect colors combinations for your project. Here is the result: a perfect polymer clay geometric cane!

When I started with the extruder I was afraid to combine colors and I created this type of canes using one color and white, the medium ones were the combination of the color I chose with different proportions of white.

For the ones that are afraid of colors below is another example of colors you can use to create polymer clay geometric canes.

Below is a photo on how I combined the different shades of blue and a polymer clay blue bracelet covered with this geometric cane.

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Gorgeous polymer clay canes bracelets and rings for this summer

Polymer clay canes are a great way to create stunning piece of jewelry.  We all know that accessories are the most important part of our outfits. Weather you are planning to wear them yourself or give them away as a present they are the best choice.

This set of bracelets and rings will look sophisticated, classy and modern in any occasion, weather you will were them on a cocktail party, barbecue with friends or pool party.

The color combination makes them easy to match to nearly any outfits. Or, if that is the case, they can be a nice color spot in your outfit.

Following this tutorial can help you make new patterns with the colors you like or the colors you feel fits best with your preferred outfits.

For the next polymer clay bracelet you’ll need a few items to work with:

  1. Polymer clay colors by choice
  2. Polymer clay extruder
  3. A bracelet / ring groove cuffs
  4. Will and focus

First of all select the cuffs you’ll be working with. I’ve selected a couple of rings and some bracelets, thin and thick.

Simple golden cuffs and ringGorgeous polymer clay canes bracelets and rings for this summer

The next step is to select the colors you will use. I’ve choose a combination of pink, blue and white.

I assume that all of you already know how to make canes, but just in case you are new to this you can learn from this great tutorial how to make polymer clay canes

Once you’ve got all of the canes ready to go you simply stitch them together on the cuffs. Try not to deform them in this process as they will look ugly and deformed.

After stitching the together and obtaining the desired result all you need to do is bake them for five minutes and they are ready to be the salt and pepper of your favorite outfit.

Enjoy the following polymer clay bracelets made with this technique.

Pink rings and bracelets are youthful and very easy to blend width almost any outfit you will were.


If you need a color color splash in your outfit you can add a blue or pink bracelet.


I simply love this simple olive cuff.

Check out this pink and olive rings, they certainly will stand out.


Olive rings area also a very nice choice for the summer days.


Check out this beautiful colorful bracelets.


Simple olive cuffs are also very good choices.


Very nice blue bracelets.

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Get captivating polymer clay new ideas and tutorials by following my Pinterest page .