Polymer clay autumn flower necklace – DIY step by step tutorial

Autumn is coming and we need to be prepared with the right jewelry. I proposed you to try this easy polymer clay autumn flower necklace tutorial. I hope you will enjoy it!

Polymer clay autumn flower necklace - DIY step by step tutorial

Materials and tools will need for this polymer clay autumn flower necklace:

– polymer clay Fimo copper/ brown and white
– acrylic paint “Copper”
– an old toothbrush or a sponge
– rolling pin
– wooden beads
– clay cutter
– copper accessories (chain, pin-studs, beads, dividers, leaf pendants, lock)
– glue
– round-nosed pliers
– glass or stone beads

Step 1:

You can make all the flowers in one color, but for a better effect I suggest you  to combine different amount of white clay with cooper/ brown clay an mix it until the piece gets the same color.

Make one sheet of each color and cut multiple flowers with a small flower shaped cutter.

Step 2:

Take one bead and cover it with the flower you just created. To be sure you have the right size for the beads, when you cover it with the flower half of it should remain uncovered. Take the toothbrush or the sponge and create the texture from the next photo.

And a very important, try not to forget about the hols into the flowers for the pins 🙂

Repeat the process with all the flowers and when the beads are ready, bake them.

Step 3:

After the billets are baked, pull them out of the oven and separate them from the wooden beads

Now it’s time to add pins to our new creations.

Step 5:

And now it’s time to collect the necklace! Begin to hook the flowers to the chain. Make sure that the flowers are distributed evenly and do not interfere with each other. Attach the leaf pendants.


This polymer clay autumn flower necklace is one of the most easy tutorials I’ve seen. What do you think? If you need more details you can find the original tutorial here. Of course it will look amazing also in any colors! If you have a pasta machine and you want something a little bit more complicated you should try making the flowers using this blended sheets technique.

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PS: Don’t be afraid to try new things and you will end up creating something interesting!


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