Polymer clay Christmas Santa Claus decorations

When you think at Christmas decorations, what can be better than a Santa Claus? I collected for you some amazing polymer clay Christmas Santa Claus decorations. This decoration is made with a lot of delicacy and care for details. You can use this kind of decoration to decorate the Christmas tree or a child’s room.

The story of this amazing creations for Christmas started 4 years ago, when Elena Möri ( the artist) went to Vienna, Austria and saw their beautiful Christmas markets. What specific Christmas products that had fun to see. Well decorated chalets, lights and all the magic of Christmas. So, she proposed to make it a lot that in the markets of Geneva there are also stands with Christmas decorations.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of polymer clay Christmas Santa Claus decorations. I found them on Etsy; here is a link to the shop where you can buy them 🙂 🙂 :). Möri Elena you did such an amazing work! Which one of this polymer clay Christmas Santa Claus decorations is your favorite?

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