Polymer clay bee – inspiration for a handmade holiday

No meter your destination and your wardrobe, you can accessorize it with miniature polymer clay bee earrings. Or why not to give your friends presents as fimo bee figurines or polymer clay bees key-ring ? Enjoy these selection of fimo bees jewelry ideas for the summer holiday season to get your spirit and your creative energy going.


Polymer clay wedding cake ornaments

Every woman knows each details about that special moment in her life. Most of the “Ms. to be” take care about the wedding ornaments a few months earlier, just to be sure that nothing is missing in that special day.  Below you will find my beloved funny to serious polymer clay wedding cake ornaments. Each wedding is


Polymer clay figurines – simple and easy

In the today’s selection I will present to you my beloved polymer clay figurines – simple and easy.  With funny or serious faces, with childish or fatherly gestures, the figurines I will present to you will surely help you surprise your friends or family when organizing an event. These polymer clay figurines can be seen as giveaways or a


Polymer clay chef DIY step by step tutorial

There’s something special in this phrase – “home cooked meals”. I always believed that home cooked meal is a good way to balance things out and ensure quality family time. The reality is that I may not have the time or energy to cook like that every day. For some people cooking is a way

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