Polymer clay amazing red flower – DIY step by step tutorial

Polymer Clay Amazing Red Flower – DIY Step by Step Tutorial In this tutorial, we will create a stunning red flower using polymer clay. Follow the steps below to make your own beautiful floral piece. I’ve found this amazing photo tutorial over here

Polymer clay amazing red flower - DIY step by step tutorial
  1. Gather your materials:
    • Red, green, black polymer clay
    • Craft knife
    • Rolling pin
    • Flower-shaped cookie cutter
    • Toothpick or needle tool
    • Baking tray and oven
  2. Condition the red polymer clay by kneading it in your hands until it becomes soft and pliable.
  3. Roll out the red clay to a thickness of about 1/8 inch using a rolling pin.
  4. Use the flower-shaped cookie cutter to cut out several petals from the red clay.
  5. Take one petal and gently curve the edges to create a natural shape. Repeat this with all the petals.
  6. Roll a small amount of green clay into a ball and flatten it with a rolling pin. Cut out leaf an * sign using a craft knife add darker green clay on the cuts
  7. For stamens you can use thin wire and add small dots of black clay on the top. Grab them into a bucket.
  8. Arrange the petals in a circular shape around the stamens, slightly overlapping each other to form the flower.
  9. Bake your polymer clay flower following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Allow it to cool completely.
  10. Once cooled, you can apply a layer of glaze to enhance the shine and protect your creation.
  11. Your amazing red polymer clay flower is now complete! Use it as a decorative element for jewelry, accessories, or home decor.

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