43 delicious polymer clay earrings for summer

Summer is about colors and joy,  don’t miss the following delicious polymer clay earrings collection. Colorful and cute they are suitable for any age, feel young and happy!

I do not know what you think, but when I finish the article I’m going to cook something sweet because this earrings look so yuumy!!!

  • Cupcakes earrings

  • Lemon earrings

  • Marshmallow earrings

  • Rainbow cake earrings

  • Hamburger earrings

  • Sandwich and coffee earrings

Lovely oranges and cakes earrings

  • M&M earrings

  • Cake with berries and ice-cream earrings

  • Biscuit stud earrings

Fruit cake and strawberry earrings

  • Donuts earrings

  • Watermelon earrings

  • Cookie earrings

  • Chinease food earrings

  • M&M earrings

  • Cookie jar earrings

  • Biscuit with cream earrings

White chocolate biscuit earrings

  • Lemon pie earrings

  • Hotdog earrings

  • Ice cream on stick earrings

  • Candy earrings

  • Apple earrings

  • White chocolate donuts earrings

  • Garlic earrings

  • Taco earrings

  • Strawberry tart earrings

  • Strawberry earrings

  • Cake earrings

  • Muffin earrings


  • Cupcakes earrings

  • Chocolate biscuits earrings

  • Ice cream stud earrings

  • Biscuit earrings

  • Chocolate earrings


  • Biscuit earrings

  • Figs earrings

  • Sweet earrings

  • Butterfly pasta earrings

  • Cake earrings

Cake earrings

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What do you think of this delicious polymer clay earrings? Aren’t they yummy?

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