Faux amber polymer clay bracelet – DIY tutorial

I decided to search for more faux clay tutorials because the last the last one was so appreciated! I’ll show you how to create a faux amber polymer clay bracelet. This tutorial focus on a bracelet, but as soon as you learn how to create polymer clay faux amber you can make all the jewels you want.

Tools and materials you need for this faux amber polymer clay bracelet:

– polymer clay: translucent orange, translucent yellow, colorless translucent, brown and peach.
– cutter or a knife
– sandpaper
– sanding machine
– drill 1 mm
– glue
– diamond file (cone)
– varnish
– brush for lacquer

Faux amber polymer clay bracelet - DIY tutorial

Below you will find the approximate measure of the clay you will use in this class.

Let’s get to the actual process:

Step 1:

From the orange and yellow translucent clay we will create a gradient sheet. If the two images below are not enough for you, please use this gradient tutorial.

Step 2:

Roll the gradient sheet you created before and add on the edges: one line of translucent, one line of brown, one larger piece of translucent, one piece of peach with one brown line over it. For the best effect you should follow this specific order for the polymer clay colors.

Step 3:

As the third step of the process you have to thin the roll that you just created, cut small pieces of sausage and then curl the small pieces. Use the photos below if the explanations aren’t enough for you.

Step 4:

Take the curls and tilt them until you form a rectangle. The height of the rectangle must match the width of the beads you want to create.

Step 5:

Cut the rectangle in pieces that have the same thickness.bake them and give them holes (in what order do you want. It may be more comfortable to cook before baking them). Use a protective lacquer or eventually to give more glow to the product.

Congrats! if you got up to the step it means you are the happy owner of a beautiful faux amber polymer clay bracelet!

Below is a nice idea of a set that you can create with this faux amber polymer clay technique.

Hope you enjoyed this faux amber polymer clay bracelet tutorial! If you decide to try it, please share with us the result. The credits for this amazing tutorial goes to Poligli

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