Polymer clay necklace ideas

Jewelry can catch your eye just as well as it can capture your mood.  A large fimo / polymer clay necklace is the best way to accessorize a simple dress. The right accessories can totally change the look of your outfit. Chose from the ones below: polymer clay necklace : artist Tanya Mayorova clay necklace


A bit of color and fun into a simple polymer clay necklace

Introducing the stylish necklace, just perfect for the mornings you wake up late! This simple yet colored fimo necklaces are the perfect accessory to change your mood! It does not matter how uplifted it is outside, with any simple polymer clay necklace from this collection you will have the colorful rays that are bouncing around you throughout the day! Let’s taste


Unique pieces of polymer clay jewelry

Every day friendship and quality people should be celebrated. To surprise my best friends, I thought about offering them a piece of jewelry, to let them know I appreciate their friendship, and also thank them for all the good moments we have been through the years . In order to complete my plan, I invited some good advisors

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