Halloween little Witch Kawaii Polymer Clay Earrings Handmade Chibi2

Polymer clay Halloween jewelry

This year’s Halloween you are going to rock the party with any polymer clay Halloween jewelry from this impressive collection! It’s time for you to add that missing piece to your costume and make it perfect spooky! candy corn earrings created by BadgersBakery polymer clay earrings – cat in a pumpkin & black spider fake food cookies created by  BrunaZassou

Polymer clay Halloween cupcake pendants

Polymer clay Halloween cupcake pendants

Need some unique jewelry for your costume? I prepared for you some unique ideas of polymer clay Halloween cupcake pendants to rock the day! Whenever you are describing a good Halloween party, spooky cupcakes are always part of the deal! But if you are a guest, why not surprise your host with one of this amazing polymer clay Halloween cupcake pendants

polymer clay necklace pendant +earrings +bangle – clay set – grey fimo with small heart

Polymer clay jewelry with hearts – romantic set of handmade jewelry

What’s so hard about dressing for Valentine’s Day? Throw on any dress, add this beautiful polymer clay jewelry with hearts and you’re ready for your date! This beautiful handmade set will finish your romantic outfit! If you are looking for a present for Valentine’s Day or just something romantic for your loved one, this handmade jewelry are the perfect match for any

polymer clay flower set

Polymer clay simple necklace tutorial

I want to share with you a simple, affordable and very inspiring polymer clay necklace tutorial. Believe me it’s an easy polymer clay necklace tutorial! Enjoy it and when in best mood be creative! For this polymer clay necklace tutorial it is necessary to have: Polymer clay in gray and three more colors to choose from;


The 10 polymer clay jewelry list

This polymer clay jewelry list is a top I created for the days when you want something that’s simply stunning. I’m like a hamster that continuously collect, in my case ideas. Today I will share with you the list of jewelry that I would love to have. I keep seeing everywhere all of those model’s best looks.  I adore those simple jewelry which complete

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