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Original polymer clay necklace

I anticipated your need for something new. You will find here the missing piece from your jewelry collection: the original polymer clay necklace. These beautiful pieces are made just for you. You can order any of them over Macrani shop on Etsy platform. The beds of the first item in the collection have a pearl shine, which makes the necklace more

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Polymer clay spiral ring – ideas for a big fashion statement

I had always loved beautiful and unique handmade jewelry. This section of polymer clay spiral ring ideas is especially for those who want a bold and imposing look. A polymer clay spiral ring will continue to highlight your outfit all day long drawing envious glances. Make a big fashion statement with a oversize polymer clay spiral ring. Express your creativity through

The night blushes. Handmade applique flowery clay necklace.

Applique floral clay jewelry

I want to share with you a lovely applique floral clay jewelry collection I have discovered recently over Tishaia shop on Etsy. Take a look at her shop, there are much more lovely creations there and are waiting for someone to take them home. The sunset. Handmade applique flowery clay brooch. The warm orange cabochon with delicate blue,

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Polymer clay millefiori beads

I have found a lovely collection of polymer clay millefiori beads that I want to share with you. These unique sets of seven floral beads are designed and hand crafted by Susan Polymer from clay using the millefiori technique inspired from Florida. With these elegant polymer clay millefiori beads you can create unique necklaces, earrings, bracelets, key chains and whatever

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Polymer clay floral cluster earrings

Look what beautiful these polymer clay floral cluster earrings are! And they are made entirely by the hands of a talented artist. Each polymer clay flower is handcrafted and crystals are added to give flowers more dimension and spark. Whenever you choose to wear these polymer clay floral cluster earrings you will rock the day! And for this

Handmade polymer clay hair barrette Flower hair clip – flower hair accessories – lilac hair – floral hair clip – Polymer clay flower clip – hair accessories – hair flowers

Handmade polymer clay hair barrette

Flowers are gentle and some handmade polymer clay hair barrette with flowers are a perfect choice for a romantic look. The fallowing accessories are entirely made from clay. They are unique and lovely. Any of the following handmade polymer clay hair barrette can be purchased from Etsy over DecorUA shop. Choose your flowers, color and style. Daffodils flower hair clip

pink lilac polymer clay flowers, polymer clay flower bead

Polymer clay floral beads

After so many articles with floral jewelry, I consider it’s time for some polymer clay floral beads. What color do you have in mind? Let me guess! Purple? Red? White? Blue? We have them all! And all the polymer clay floral beads are really really cute! This beads are handmade with polymer clay and every flower is unique, that’s

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Polymer clay arc earrings

Even when wearing jeans and a T-shirt, it would be better to get out of anonymity with some spectacular accessories such as these polymer clay arc earrings. They are perfect to give a worthy refresh to your wardrobe. They are in strong colors, so even your white T-shirt will look special. This polymer clay arc earrings can

turquoise and green polymer clay pendant

Polymer clay pendant in mokume gane technique

After so many articles with floral jewelry we move forward to something a bit more classy like a polymer clay pendant in mokume gane technique. They are very easy to wear because it will agree to any outfit. Nathalie Manes is the artist that created this amazing pieces. You can order any of them over the Lealolabijoux shop. Polymer clay