Polymer clay dangle earrings

Hello everyone! I’ve collected some polymer clay dangle earrings for you. I hope you like it and that they inspire you for new and amazing creations!

Every tiny flower and petal of these earrings is hand-sculpted using oven-hardened polymer clay, no molds or stamps are used, so you get truly unique thing. The delicate dangle drops are ideal for occasions like wedding, prom or everyday use. Use them as bridal accessories and many happy summer days after. Also an ideal gift for your dear one or for yourself.

  • Earrings sky blue and pearl white Lever back dangles Hypoallergenic Surgical steel Hand sculpted polymer clay flowers Small drop earrings

Polymer clay dangle earrings

  • Earrings dangle drop red flower cluster French lever back Red and Silver plated Bridesmaid Girls gift Christmas jewelry Polymer clay.

Red metallic color of these earrings is bright and slightly sparkling.

  • Lilac flowers dangle earrings Purple drops Floral cluster Spring French lever back Plant jewelry Girls gift Accessorie Bridesmaid set

  • Dangle drop Purple Earrings Lavender dangles Cluster flowers Hypoallergenic Lilac French clasp Lever back Silver colored clay jewelry Bridal

  • Earrings dangle drop Navy Dark blue Floral jewelry French lever back Silver plated Polymer clay blue flowers Bridesmaid gift Made of Honor

  • Ball earrings Floral drop dangle White pink lilac lavender earrings Colorful bridal jewelry set Flower ball Wedding Silver Bridesmaid gift

  • Ball floral bridal earrings Pearl white Off white Wedding Polymer clay flower Silver plated chain Long earrings Bridesmaid gift Anniversary

  • Earrings Flower dangles Red green white Floral Red roses French lever back Hypoallergenic Surgical steel Polymer clay flowers Silver colored

Hope you enjoyed this collection of polymer clay dangle earrings! If you decide to create your own, please share with us the result. If you need step by step explanations on how to create them, here is a nice tutorial that it will help you a lot! If you are beginner but you would love to wear some of this amazing creations, here is a link to the Etsy shop from where you can buy them. 

For more polymer clay earrings ideas you should try this link.

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